Once I decided to set a pancake party, 
just to try some of those yummie recepies 
with maple syrup and berries.

I invited also my good friend Patrick.
He never tried pancakes before, 
so he was a little suspicious on the start.

But pancakes with strawberries, blackberries, maple
syrup, whipped cream and chocolate looked so tasty...
Even my daddy and mom came to taste them.

Oh boy, we were stuffed already after the first two pieces.
But we didn't leave anything. 
We ate them all - and licked plates clean.

After that we needed some fresh air and relax.

We were sitting, listening to some music 
and discussing our teddybear problems.

Patrick said, that it was a great party
and that he liked very much pancakes I made.
I was very proud and satisfed teddybear.