What exactly is mead? 

It is a delicious honey wine that has been made 
and enjoyed by celtic and viking nations for centuries.

This is the collection of best danish mead.

In Denmark it's called mjød.
It is very yummie.

This is the collection of best czech mead.

In Czech it's called medovina.
(The honey is called med.)

You can get natural, herbal, cinnammon,
almond or hazelnut flavored taste. 

There's a logo with little teddybear 
on each bottle of this czech medovina.

I'm sure it means that it's good for teddybears.

And also this is made of honey, but it isn't mead. 
It's called Starozlatá medová.
In czech it means something like 
Old golden nectar.

It is probably very tasty, because my dad likes it a lot.
I didn't try it yet, but I'm looking forward to it.