This is my favourite cake.
Do you know why?
Because honey-cake is a cake with honey taste.
That's why.

Some people call it also gingerbread.
But in Czech they call it perník.
Czechs have very long tradition 
of baking and decorating it.
Specially in city called Pardubice.

Perník is made in many different shapes.
The most common is probably shape of the heart.

These are traditional presents from the wake.
There is often written "For my love" on them 
(or For mom, dad, sister, granny...). 

These are meant to bring some good luck.

They have usually shape of cloverleaf, 
piggie or a horseshoe.
There is written "For good luck" on them.

And these baskets are decorated for Easter time.

Off course also eggs are typical Easter motive.
Egg is a symbol of life.

And bunnies with back-baskets 
full of painted eggs
and flowers as well.

But also this bell with flowers
and birds means Easter.

Saint Mikulas, devils and angels 
are symbols of pre-chrismas time.
Each year at 5. December 
are these figures in Czech
visiting families with small children.

These trees are of course 
decorated for christmas time.

Also carp and bell 
with spruce twig & candle are christmas stuff.

And these small cookies are meant to be 
hang up as decoration on the christmas tree.
It's old pagan tradition. Cookies were used 
as a bribe to keep bad spirits away.

But the most amazing are 
these little cottages built of perník.
They are called "Perníkové chaloupky".
In fairytales is always some old evil witch
living in a cottage like these...
Don't eat the roof, that would wake her up!

If I got this one, I wouldn't eat it.
It's big and very pretty. 
I would like to live in it. :)