End of June, dad has a birthday. 
I'm guarding the present for him.

Holidays is time to spend together with friends.

It's time to travel and behave like silly tourists.

In the summerhouse Oluf has a great time: swinging.

Meanwhile Carrie enjoys cold drink with ice and lemon.

Gillan recieved his favourite chocolade from Switzerland.

Also quite serious Tange does silly things sometimes.

This looks like serious discussion about taste of honey.

Ah, I forgot to tell you, that I got a new bag.
Here you can see it. Isn't it nice?

I'm packed and ready to go for a trip.

This is me at the nudist beach.

Here I'm having bathing trunks, 
but I don't feel like swimming.

There's a lot of sand around... and no honey.
I'm hungry...

Waiting at the airport was too long.
Matej was watching the runway and planes.

This guy was so busy, that he didn't notice, 
when Matej tried to taste his tea.

Quite daring performance at the airport caffe.
The guy looked a bit shocked this time.

Matej found friends also amongst doggies.