Some friends teddybears 
live with our daughter and her baby in Prague.
These are 2 grizzlys, 2 pandas and 1 polar bear.

Bonnie is a little teddybear
who can play many different tunes.
Her favourite is My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean.
Bonnie moved to Prague 
to take care of a little baby.
Baby Helena likes Bonnie a lot.

Sven is a little teddybear that likes swinging.
He can also whistle some tunes.
The bird sitting on the swing is his friend
and it's called Woodstock.
Sven's best friend is Gregg.

Gregg is a baseball teddybear.
Both Sven and Gregg were homeless teddies,
but they live in Prague with Bonnie now.

Wess moved together with the others.

Also Chico moved to work in Prague.
He is very busy teddybear.

Hamley moved to Prague
right after we found him.

Manny lives in Prague from the start
but he came here for a holiday.

Just as Manny also Rollo came here
for holiday and to see his friends.

Other teddies live in Prague with our son.

Also this little fellow...

And this teddybear is our neighbour.
He has very nice garden.
He likes to sit on the bench
and enjoy the susnhine.