All these teddybears are my friends.
We have regular conventions each week.

This young man is my best friend panda Patrick. 
He is 21. His nickname is Bamboosidek.
He was born in Ireland, but his family came from China.
Patrick is the deputy sofaman.
He is expert adviser for panda bears.
His wifie is Freja.
Here is the link to his own homesite: 
Patrick's  Bamboosite

This is the oldest guy. He is Czech.
His name is Ládík. 
He is 40 years old.
He lives all his live with our mom.

This is Ládík's wife. She is Czech.
Her name is Misha. 
She is round 39.
She also lives all her live with our mom.

This guy is from France.
His name is Lyon.
But we call him Leo. 
He is 12 years old.
He used to sleep in mom's bed.

This miss polar bear is Leo's wife, Kitty.
She is from France.
She is also 12 years old.
She used to sleep in dad's bed.

This miss is Kitty's twin sister, Katja.
She is off course also from France
and 12 years old.
Katja is Sebastian's girlfriend.
She likes yoghurt.

This boy is Baloo.
He is Czech.
He's round 10 years,
but he looks much younger.
Baloo likes Disney movies.
His girlfriend is Belinda.

This boy is Hetfield.
He is panda bear from China.
He is 9 years old.
Hetfiled loves canoeing and metal music.

This boy is Paddington. 
He is from England, so he is a real gentleman.
He is 8 years old.
Paddington was a part of a Christmas present.
He likes Christmas a lot.

Frida is girl from Czech.
Her nickname is Freddie.
She is 7 years old.
When she's shy, she's suckling her finger.
But she is great entertainer.
Her boyfriend is Valentino.
They adopted Moe.

This little boy is from Czech.
His name is Jakub and we call him Kuba.
He is 6 years old.
He has sister Bára.

Also this little girl is from Czech.
Her name is Barbora, so we call her Bára.
She is 5 years old.
She's always hanging around with brother Kuba.

This little boy is Magnus. 
He is Norwegian, 3 years old.
He was adopted by Henry and Lucinda.
Magnus got a medal for bravery, 
as he volounteered to spend 
one day in work with dad.

This little cute girl is Laura. 
She is Norwegian too.
She is 2 year old.

Also these two kids are from Norway
They are 1 and half year old.
They are named Benjamin and Stella.

This little boy is Tange. 
He is Dane and he is 3 years old.
He used to work as a nurse assistent.
He is very caring a good teddybear.
Tange helps in kindergarten.

Here is one of the two tiniest 
teddies in our community. 
He lives in his own cave.
His name is Frankie.
He likes to build a snowman.

And here is the other tiny teddy.
Also he lives in his own cave.
His name is Donnie.
He likes to read.
Frankie and Donnie are very good friends.

Yang is a tiny magnet teddybear from China.
He likes to play baseball.
Yang has brother called Fei.

Fei is Yang's brother.
He is also magnet teddybear.
Fei likes to play basketball.

This little fellow is Czech Karel.
Karel means Charles.
We call him Kája or Charlie.
He is 9 months old.

This little fellow is Karel's twin brother.
His name is Pavel, which means Paul.
We call him Pája.
He is also 9 months old.

This tiny baby is also Czech.
Her name is Jana, which means Jane.
We call her Jája.
She is 6 months old.
She is the smallest teddybear.
She was still wearing diapers when we got her,
but now she doesn't need them anymore.

Mina is cute birthday baby-bear from Czech.
She is very sleepy most of the time.
She always takes her pillow with her.
Her boyfriend is Bobby and their son is Jessie.

Matej is really charming teddybear from Czech.
He is 3 years old. We call him Matysek.
Already at the airport in Prague 
was Matej testing his charm.
People were smiling and waving at him.
One young girl forgot to enter the shop,
as she was completely amazed by this womanizer.
Babies stopped to cry when they saw him.
And Matysek was acting like a clown to entertain us.
Matej is now a spokesman of the convention.

And this is honeybear from Czech.
His name is Meda-Beda.
He doesn't mind to share his honey
under condition 
that he will be refilled when empty.

This is cute Christmas teddybear called Klaus.
He's from Holland and he's is only 1 year old.
He is looking forward for Christmas time 
to deliver presents to his friends.
He got reindeer Rudolph to help him with that.

And here is girlfreind of Klaus named Snowflake.
She is also 1 year old and from Holland,
but she is polar teddybear.
But they have two kids, Julia and Julius,
but the adopted also Kenny.

This little christmas teddybear boy is Julius.
He is just 6 months old.
Julius is son of Snowflake and Klaus
and twin brother of Julia.

This little christmas teddybear girl is Julia.
She is also 6 months old.
Julia is daughter of Snowflake and Klaus
and twin sister of Julius.

Asbjørn is danish christmas teddy.
He likes climbing and sleeping.

This little teddy is friend of Asbjørn.
His name is Rick.

Micky is also danish christmas teddybear.
His friends are Billy and Linco.

This teddybear lady is Sebastian's little sister.
Her name is Sandy.
She is very important part of the family.
Her boyfriend is Simon.

This boy is a candle teddybear.
His name is Carsten.
Carsten has three good friends: 
Chandler, Cora and Karin,
which look exactly like him.

Alfred is Christmas teddybear from last year.
He spent the whole year in the shelf with nisser.

Robinson was the last teddybear from shop.
He was crying, because he was a afraid 
that he will have to wait another year
to find the real home.
He always carries his sock with some sweets.
He is happy in our teddybear community now.
He has 3 cousins.
His good friend is Paddington.

Kenny is rocker and wizard.
He likes Uriah Heep and telling stories.
He was part of the Christmas present.
Julia and Julius are his cousins.
They spend a lot of time together.

Tristan is a little light-blue teddy.
He called us in the shop 
and asked us about Sebastian.
After we picked him up, he asked us
to help him to find his girlfriend Isolda.

Isolda is a little light-pink teddy.
Tristan is her boyfriend.
We brought them to our teddybear family together.
They are very cute couple.
Both of them were a christmas present.

Eddie was also christmas present
He carries a load of soap
His best friend is Meda-Beda.

This teddybear girl is Sebastian's youngest sister.
Her name is Linda.
Sebastian and Sandy were 
very happy to se her again.
Her boyfriend is Dean.

This teddybear boy is Sebastian's little brother.
Off course he is also brother of Sandy, Linda and Louise.
His name is Bobby.
His girlfriend is sleepy Mina.
Bobby likes Pink Floyd.
They have a little son Jessie.

Bono is a little cute teddybear.
He needes small surgery, but he is ok now.

Klara is Bono's loving wife.

Orpheus is father of Tristan.

Euridike is mother of Isolda.

We found Leif in the supermarket.
He was searching for his son Björn.
We took him home where he found his son
but also a new girlfriend, Bianca.

This is Luke. His girlfriend is Emma.

We got Cesar, but he 
was missing his brother.
His girlfrend is Cleo.

So the next day we got also
Cesar's brother Marcus.

Miranda is a girlfriend of Marcus

This boy is Amadeus,
friend of Amanda

This is Melvin
His profession is to be a puppet
But he would like some other job
His girlfriend is Mia.

This little sleep fellow is Jason.
We call him Jessie.
He is son of Mina and Bobby.

Windel is a cute winter bamse from Prague.
Windel got a medal for bravery.

All teddybears under this line were adopted: This shy danish girl is Freja. She is round 10 years old. Freja is Patrick's girlfriend now. She used to be very scared, but after her eyes operation she feels much better. She is secretary at the conventions. Shi likes horror movies. This swedish boy is named Tommy. His nickname is "Ace Rimmer". He always wears his leather jacket. His girlfriend is Zara. This guy is Bond. James Bond. But we call him Jimbo. He is from England and he is round 5. He is a tough guy, secret agent and biker. He has no bike though. He has 2 brothers Paul and Ludvik and one little sister called Petra. This hungry looking guy is panda from China. He is round 7 years old. We gave him name Egon. Egon got a name after Egon Olsen from Olsen Banden. This little boy is from England. He is 2 years old. Because of his color he got name Gillan. He likes Deep Purple and chocolate Milka. He is related to Tristan and Isolda. This little girl is named Cindy. She is 2 years old. She is from Denmark. This guy with tatoo is David Foester. He is Englishman, round 5 years old. He doesn't like to be called Red Devil, so we call him Dave. His girlfriend is Rosa. This quiet boy is named Brumla. He is 4 years old. He is Czech. His girl is Manuella. This girl is Veronika, her nickname is Niky. She is 5 years old. She is from Slovakia. This boy is Niky's boyfriend Dominik. He is 4 and he's also from Slovakia. Dominik was injured, so he had to go to the hospital. But now he's ok again. This girl is Cookie. She is 3 years old orphan from Holland. She wanted us to adopt her very much. So she pained on her T-shirt heart with words "Take me". Cookie is Tange's girlfriend. This little joker is originally from Indonesia. But we found him in Denmark. His name is Oluf. He is married to Carrie. He is round 5 years. Oluf likes whistling and licking plates. Carrie is a danish girl She is Oluf's wife. We found this couple at the street market in Denmark. Carrie is round 4 years. Terry and Zara are her sisters. She likes gintonic with lemon. This boy is Hannibal. He is 6 years old. We found him in the Second-hand shop in Prague. People, who we met on the way home said, that Hannibal is very cute. They were smiling at him. Hannibal convinced us to adopt also Alex. He likes elephants and helicopters, but dislikes horror movies. This polar bear girl is Alexandra. We call her Alex or Lexie. She is 5 years old, she is from USA. She was pretending she's a boy because she was afraid we don't want to adopt a girl. She got a lollipop as present from the shop assistent. Now she works as expert adviser for polar bears. Frederik is 5 years old boy from Sweden. He is very friendly, but also very quiet. His wife is Mary. Fifi is a little female teddybear from Denmark. She is 2 years old. This fluffy guy is Sofus. He is teddybear from Denmark. He is 5 years old. His wifie is Sofia. Daniel Lindt is 4 years old boy from Swizerland. We call him Danny Boy. He loves chocolade and his wife Rommie. Andrea is 4 years old girl from Jutland in Denmark. We call her Andy. Her best friend is Mina. Andy lately married Matej. She had beatiful wedding dress. Andy and Matysek are very happy. Rosa is a little pink teddybear from Italy. She is 3 years old. Her boyfreind is David. Teddy Mathiassen is 3 years old danish boy from Jutland in Denmark. Bianca is 3 years old. She used to be a little blind polar teddybear with big pink glasses. After the surgery she can see again. She is very sweet girl. Romana is 4 years old teddybear girl from Copenhagen, Denmark. We call her Rommie. Her husband is Daniel. Sofia is 5 years old polar bear girl from Denmark. When we got her, her fur was full of wax from candle. She always looks a bit shy. Her husband is Sofus. This little fellow from Czech is a bit disabled. Most of his body is missing. He is waiting for operation to get a new body. Linco is 1 year old. His girlfriend is called Lea. Henry Warmheart is 6 years old gentleman from England. His wife is Lucinda. Magnus and Trine are their kids. Manuella is 4 years old circus teddybear from Portugal. She can dance lambada. She is very ticklish on her feets. Her boyfriend is Brumla. Harry is 3 years old danish boy. He likes Haribo wine gum. His girlfreind is Hanna. Filip is 2 years old boy. He likes to sleep a lot. His best friend is Mina. This big panda bear is Simon. He is 9 years old. He likes metal music, mainly band Kiss. Simon is boyfriend of Sandy. He was a homeless teddybear. We found him on the street together with some other teddies. This panda bear is from Eden Valley, so he got name Adam. He is round 5 years old. He loves his new hat and he also likes telling jokes. Adam is another one from the group of homeless teddies. He is Lizzy's husband This litle teddybear is Hetfield's girlfriend. She is 4 years old. Her name is Fran. Fran is another teddybear saved from the street. This girl is 5 years old. Her name is Blue. She has a sister Viola. Viola was also found on the street. This girl is 5 years old. Her name is Viola. Viola is sister of Blue. Also Viola was found on the street with other teddies. Sasha is a little polar bear. Sasha is Paddington's girlfriend. She was adopted by Ursula and Hansi. Sasha had a green cap, but she gave it to Milena, because Milena had head injury. This christmas teddybear is 2 years old. He is from Germany. His name is Robin. This small teddybear is Peter. His girlfriend is Suzy. His good friends are Benjamin and Stella. One day Peter fell from the window and got seriously injured. He had to go to hospital. All friends were very worried about him. Peter got a plaster. But now he's ok again. This polar teddybear girl is Ursula. She is also from Germany. She was found in the basement together with Bonnie. Her boyfriend is Hansi. They adopted Sasha. Chmelda is a bee-bear actor. He looks like teddybear dressed up like bumble-bee. He says he is teddy in disguise. He was adopted by sofaman Sebastian and his wife. His good friend is Hannibal. They talk a lot about helicopters and elephants. Chmelda likes watching TV. His wife is Flora. Andreas is younger brother of Andrea. He is very happy after he got reunited with sister again. Later he was adopted by Freja and Patrick. His best friend is Ib. Astra is a small star-looking teddybear from France. She likes to whistle. Her boyfriend is Tony. Ronald is a little panda baby. He likes sleeping a lot. And off course he likes bamboo. Erik is a cute little christmas teddy. He has also cute twin brother Søren. Erik has a girl called Samantha. Søren looks almost exactly as his twin brother Erik, except for the nose. Søren has a girlfriend Melissa. Samantha or Sammy is Eric's girlfriend. She has sister called Melissa. Melissa is Søren's girlfriend. She also looks like her sister, except for the nose. Marianna is very sleepy lightgreen teddybear. Her good friends are Filip, Ronald and Mina. Billy is silightly disabled, but very friendly teddybear. He was found in the basement. His best friend are Linco and Mickey. These three guys are always together. Zara is a little teddybear from chinese shop. Her best friends are Mikulas and Ludvik. Carrie and Terry are her sisters. Her boyfriend is Tommy. Mikulas was found homeless. Lost in the streets of Prague in the cold December weather. Fortunately he was brought to us and now he's happy again. His friends are Ládík and Misha. His girlfriend is Angela. Ludvik is a small teddy from secondhand shop. His name was given to him by shop assistant. She also wished him good luck and being well welcomed in his new teddybear community. He is Jimbo's and Paul's brother. Sylvia used to be a keyring teddybear. She was unhappy in her job. Now she is retired and content. She is good friend with Peter. Bim is a small teddybear. He has a twin brother Bum. Bum is Bim's twin brother. They are always together. Mac is a teddybear who likes Disney stories. He is a bit crosseyed, so he always looks slightly shocked, but he is ok. His girlfriend is Matilda. Lizzie is polar teddybear girl. She was found homeless. Kicked out in the frosty day at Christmas. But we found her and saved her. Lizzy has a gift of telepathy. Her husband is Adam. Their kid is Ib. This girl was found in the Second-hand shop. We couldn't take her home, but we promissed her to pick her up later. Then we found that she is sister of Carrie and Zara. Her name is Tereza and we call her Terry. Her boyfriend is Benny. This funny showman is Benny. He was also found in the Second-hand shop. His eyes were not very good, he needed surgery, but now he sees well again. Terry is his girfriend. Here is teddybear girl called Flora. Flora has special ability She can stand without holding. She also likes to tickle the other with her hair. Chmelda is her boyfriend. She has also younger sister Fauna. This is Tony. He is very flexible teddybear. Also Tony was found in the Second-hand. His girlfrend is Astra. This teddybear is Isak. Isak loves icecream, chocolade and cocoa. His favourite chocolade is Nestle. He can make almost any icecream. He is also very interested in Animal Planet. He knows a lot about animals. His girlfriend is Trine. Here is teddybear called Willy. Willy doesn't like when the others say that he reminds Winnie The Pooh. But he likes Disney's stories anyway. This little teddybear can talk and play music. His name is Morty, but we call him Moe. He was adopted by Valentino and Freddie. This guy is also Bond. Paul Bond. Paul is Jimbo's younger brother. He is also from England and he is round 4. He is a pilot. James and Paul were very happy to meet each other again. Also Ludvik and Petra are his family. This little boy is Ib. He was adopted by Lizzy and Adam. He is good friend with Andreas. His girlfreind is Sonia's little sister Bella. This polar teddybear boy was misused. He had a lot of scratches and bruises when we found him. He also had a burnt spot on his back. He was scared and hungry. And he needed a bath. We gave him name Dean. He will be ok again soon. Dean is Linda's boyfriend. This teddybear girl is named Mikkeline. She is Dean's friend from Second Hand shop. After we got Kjeld, she became his girlfriend. Louise is a twin sister of Linda. Off course she's also sister of Sandy and Sebastian. We found her abbandoned on the street. She was very happy to see her family again. Her boyfriend is Mike. Valentino is a teddybear that we found at Valentine's day. He is dancing and singing. His girlfriend is Freddie. Mike is a teddybear that needed surgery. His nose was wounded. He also needed a bath. Now he's ok again. Fixed, washed and happy. His girlfriend is Louise. Paula is a rare kind of green panda. Her friends are mainly Hetfield and Fran. Jasmine is a cute and silly panda baby. She likes to pretend she's a cat. Miaaaau. Her sister is Ginger. Emil is very good friend with Jasmine. They play a lot together. He is also friend with Tony and Astra. Emil got a medal for bravery, as he offered himself as dad's luck-teddy for his first day in a new job. Panda teddy girl Lara became a happy girlfriend of Egon. Britta is a new girlfrend of Teddy Mathiassen. Kjeld was waiting for us to get him from the Second hand shop. One day we found him on the floor. Crying. He fell from the chair. So we saved him. Mikkeline was happy to see him again. Martin is a small teddy. We found him accidentaly when while we were saving Kjeld. He was adopted by Stephen and Betty. His girlfriend is Marylin. Helene is a teddybear girl which was named after the baby that was born in Prague the same day as we got her. Her boyfriend is Oddie. Hansi Becher teddybear likes skating. His girlfriend is Ursula. They adopted Sasha. Bruno is a teddybear that has his own cup. He uses the cup as bed. Bruno likes to dance. He is also planning to write newspaper. Lilly is Lykke's twin sister from Prague. She used to work as model. Lilly would like to get married soon. Lykke is twin sister od Lilly. She also worked as model. And Lykke would also like to get married. Panda Li. with bamboo leaves. Kurt was the first koala in family. Therefore he became a sofaman for koala bears. Marlene is koala bear girl. Kurt is her boyfriend. Polar bear girl Sonia. with heart saying I Love You. Teddybear Brian with recorder is a boyfriend of Sonia. This small polar bear girl is Sonia's younger sister. Her new boyfriend is Ib. This bear girl is called Una. She is a friend of Andreas. Fauna is a little sister of Flora. She likes Björn. Björn is a little teddybear from Sweden. He likes to play tennis. His big wish is to have own small umbrella. Friday is a cousin of Robinson. Wendy is a sister of Friday and Mandy. Mandy is sister of Friday and Wendy. This teddybear is Stephen. We call him Steve. His wife is Betty. They adopted Martin. Lucinda is a smart teddybear girl working for Unicef. Her husband is Henry. Magnus and Trine are their adopted kids. Flemming is a brother of Terry, Zara and Carrie. Viggo is a known actor amongs teddybears. Susan likes to watch movies. Steffi has an earring. Her boyfriend is Tomas. Dylan is the leader of the group of 6 small teddybears. Diana is Dylan's girfriend. Damian is brother of Dylan. Denisa is Damian's girlfriend and sister of Diana. Dustin is brother of Dylan and Daiman. Dagmar is Dustin's girlfriend and sister of Diana and Denisa. Tomas is small teddybear, but he's very caring and helpful. He was adopted by Teddy and Britta. Steffi is his girlfriend. Milena is little teddybear with bucket. She is good friend with Thomas and Meda-Beda. Sasha gave to Milena her own cap. Herman is newest member of the koala clan. Panda Nicola is wife of Ivan. Panda Ivan is husband of Nicola. Torbjoern Babitt is very special teddybear. One of his parents was obviously a rabbit, but he feels more like teddybear. He was very happy to be well recieved by the whole family. Tanja is Torbjoern's girlfriend. Betty, new girlfriend of Stephen. They adopted Martin together. Oddie is a rare case of green teddybear. His girlfriend is Helene. Angela became a girlfrend of Mikulas. They are both lightblue. Mary is a new wife of Frederik. We got a royal family here. Trine is little cute polar bamse. She is not american, she is just tourist. She was adopted by Henry and Lucinda. Isak is her new boyfriend. Teddybear Orlando is Viggo's brother.
This little guy is Larsie. He is Laura's boyfriend. Leonardo is famous italian scientist and professor. He got a medal for his efforts. His girlfreind is Lynn. Berrylyn Fisher is very cute teddygirl. We call her just Lynn. Niels is a blueberry bamse. His favourite chocolade is Nestle. He is quite cute scoundrel. Neils is friend and colleague with Isak. Petra is a little sister of Ludvik, James and Paul. Hanna is a new girlfriend of Harry. Marylin is Martin's girlfriend. Vivian is Tange's cousin. She always wears the last fashion clothes. We found Belinda in the Second hand shop. She is quite rare blueberry bamse. She asked us if we can take her home. Belinda is a new girlfriend of Baloo. This little teddygirl is called Maggie. Magnus is very happy about her. Ramses Babitt was a homeless teddybear. We found him on the street. He was obviously same kind as Torbjoern, but he felt more like teddybear than rabbit so he requested a surgery, that would make him a 100% teddybear. As you can see, it was successfull. His best friends are Kuba and Bara. Ian is the leader of the christmas train. He is christmas carols singer. Steve & Joe are part of the teddybear's christmas band. They both play guitar. Roger is a bass guitarist of the band. Ritchie is a banjo player. Tobias was another homeless teddybear we found on the street. He was very sad and crying. But after he got shower and dinner he felt much better. He found a lot of friends here. Now he's happy again. We call him Tobi. Kalle was found sitting under the tree in the shopping centre. Bellinda's younger brother Bent. Pink bamse (teddybear) Barbie. Carrie's (and Terry's and Zara's) sister Sandra. Her boyfriend is Karel. Martin's brother Michael. Rutger is Cookie's distant cousin from Holland. Giacomo (Jacob) is Valentino's little brother. His nickname is Casanova. Soft teddybear girl Alice. Her boyfriend is Rasmus. Rasmus just like Alice came from Second hand shop. Fluffy Choco is Marta's boyfriend. Winnie The Pooh is a famous teddybear. He worked in movies. We found him homeless. He was afraid that other bears won't like him. But they are all very friendly to him. His good friend is Willy. Minnie The Pooh is Winnie's "mini" sister. She is also sister of Dinnie The Pooh. Kevin has a girlfriend called Jennifer. The are in family with Sammy, Eric, Søren and Melissa. This is Jennifer. Sometimes we call her just Jenny. Scott is a teddybear from Scotland. His wife is called Ulla. Ulla was found homeless together with Kevin, Jenny and Scott ... thanks to Lizzy. Garibaldi alias Gary. Very friendly bear from Scotland. His nickname is Highlander Marta is a girlfriend of Choco. Felix is Maja's husband. Maja and Felix have a kid. His name is Carlos. Carlos is a boyfriend of Sandra. Heather is panda that was saved from the street at one rainy day. Freddie's sister Anna is first one from the group of 7 teddybears that were saved by Lizzy. Tasmanian teddybear Taz has an older brother Naz. Little teddybear called Rainbow. His good friends are Helene and Oddie. Racoon teddybear Regina Racoon teddybear Larry was unhappy because he lost his tail. After the surgery he is complete again. Ondra is brother of Lucie. Lucie Suzy is Peter's girlfriend. Bubu is a special boogeyman teddybear. Naz, the older brother of Taz. Gabriella is cousin of Kitty and Katja. Friends call her Gaby. Kosmo found a star and he would like to put it back on the sky. Daniella is Sonia's cousin. Billy Bob is a little scoundrell. Emma is girlfriend of Luke. Adrianna & Rocky. Brett is very good friend of Rufus. Rufus Ingrid is younger sister of Anna. Ginger is sister of Jasmine. Sometimes she growling like abig bear. Dinnie The Pooh is a brother of Winnie and Minnie. Chip is experienced christmas teddybear Nora is very sleepy panda, just like Ronald. Kayla is a teddybear Snowhite. Dandy is a younger brother of Hansi. Maxie The Pooh is the smallest member of the Pooh family This boy is Rupert. Cleo aka Cleopatra is Cesar's girlfriend. She had tail surgery. This is very noble scottish guy Angus. Cassie is Chico's sister Matilda is Mac's girlfriend Bree is very stylish teddygirl Lasse & Bosse Olle Amanda owns a book Her friend is Amadeus Mauritz has very stylish T-shirt. His best friend is Cola Cola worked for Coca Cola company She has a reindeer costume Mia is Paddington's sister. Her boyfriend is Melvin. They adopted little Andrew. Andrew brought us a little basket from the Second hand shop Odysseus is Christmas teddybear He came here together with Penelope Penelope is also Christmas teddy She is a girlfriend of Odysseus Aria Connor Ferdinand Jerry Josefine Line Malcolm Maryna is Franks' girlfriend Peggy Adam and Lizzy adopted small panda called Alissa Jan (with heart), Alissa's boyfriend Bonifac (with bag straps), husband of Johanka and father of Bert and Agata Agata, sister of Bert (girlfriend of Kuba) Bert, brother of Agata (boyfriends of Bara) Johanka, wife of Bonifac and mother of Bert and Agata, was found Emanuel (Manuela's brother) was found small pink bamse Lea, girlfriend of Linco, was found Lucius, the light bamse, was found Lydia scottish guy Roy McMichael Frank is Maryna's boyfriend Claudia Irena