As I already said, I like berries.

I'm not choosy teddybear, I like all kinds:
strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, 
blackberries, boysenberries, currants,
gooseberries, cranberries, grapes...
They are very important part of my diet.


Most of all I like strawberries. My favourite strawberry recepie is: Take a big pile of fresh strawberries, put them in a bowl, or basket and eat them as they are, as fast as you can! But they are also good with cream, sugar, whipped cream, or as decoration of a cake or pancake.


Even blueberries are very good. When I eat them, my tongue gets blue. :) I like to eat them fresh or stewed. They are also good with ice cream or panakes. But the best invention is a blueberry tart!


Raspberries are yummie too, of course. I lik to eat them directly from the bush, but they have thorns, so I have to be carefull. The are good in marmalade or in fruit salad. Raspberry jelly cake is one of my favourites.


Blackberries have thorns too. But they are very good in fruit salad. I like them also stewed with ice cream. And blackberry juice is very yummie.


Boysenberries are not as known as the other berries. They are cross between raspberries and blackberries. They don't have thorns. Boysenberry marmelade is the best marmelade I know.

Wild Strawberries

Wild forrest strawberries are incredibly tasty. It's just a pity they are so small. My favourite wild strawberries recepie is to mix them with egg white foam and sugar.


Gooseberries are good in marmelade, in fruit salad and also in pie. It's funny hairy fruit. Gooseberry tart is good and refsreshing.


I like currants marmelade. But they are also good in fruit stew. Homemade currants pie is verry yummie.


Blackcurrants have a lot of vitamin C. They are good in marmalade, juice or tea. My dad likes them very much. But they have strange smell. (In Russia they call them Stinkers.) Blackcurrant juice is very wholesome.


Cranberries are good stewed or in marmelade. Also cranberry juice is really good, but it's kinda difficult to get. This is stewed cranberry sauce. It is often used also as decoration in meat dishes.


Grapes are also berries. They are very yummie, I like to eat them fresh. But my dad says they are best liquid. The wine is made of grapes. Maybe it's good, but not for teddybears...

Lots Of Berries

With assortment of wild forrest-berries you can prepare for example this cake. Forrest-berry cake with chocolate is wonderfull. It's a pity I can't have it at least once a week. Happy Berry Recepies: