Secret discussion with Patrick.
We needed more honey that day, 
because we had the convention.

Ehmm, yeah, that's me. I was in disguise.
Camouflaged as an old teddybear granny 
I succeeded to get some more honey.

As the sofaman I'm responsible for the program. 
I had to check if all members got invitation in time.

Picture from the convention. 
As you can see, a lot of teddybears came this time.
Freja finally agreed to be our secretary.

I asked mom to bake some cakes 
for the convention afterparty. 
All teddybears liked them a lot.

With so many teddybears around it was difficult 
to find some calm place to relax.
But I just found one after all.

It was quite comfy, so I took a short nap.
Good there was a bed under that shelf,
so I didn't have to be afraid 
of hard landing in case of falling in sleep.

After the evening shower I was watching TV news.
It's one duties of the sofaman to be well informed.

Ahh, this was just perfect box for playing hide and seek.
One can't work all day long, right?
But I was hidden so well, that noone found me...